My Themes

I have three themes which will help to shape my thinking and to determine my priorties. They are:

Community, Culture and Collaboration

Do read below, but also let me have your responses by taking my survey

Ian showing Caroline Lucas the FareShare project

Community – The change from Police Authorities to Police and Crime Commissioners is intended to connect the governance of the Police with the community it serves. I have a strong track record of engaging with communities in Sussex over two decades. I have worked extensively within the Voluntary & Community Sector since 1997 and through Churches Together have worked in most of the villages, towns and cities of Sussex since 2001. I have helped to develop partnerships in East & West Sussex between agencies in the voluntary, private & public sectors including Sussex Police.  I understand the need to support voluntary & c0mmunity sector organisations in their work, gained through fifteen years hands on experience.

I was part of SEERA from 2002-2009 and in that time worked extensively with representatives of the Town and Parish Councillors and the business community where I gained a clear understanding of their priorities and needs. I have helped to remove barriers which prevent residents and businesses from managing community safety activities in their locality and have a track record of involving, motivating and inspiring people to participate in crime prevention projects. I work closely with a range of communities on the margins of our society through my involvement with projects such as Brighton Street PastorsBrighton & Hove FareShare, Sussex Central YMCA and Sussex Pathways.

Martin Richards, Sussex Chief Constable who with colleagues sets the tone for the organisation

Culture – I have worked with Sussex Police since 2004 as part of their Independent Advisory Group at both a force level and in Brighton & Hove. This has given me a thorough understanding of the culture of Sussex Police which is one of its greatest strengths and also a potential weakness as it seeks to police the many communities in Sussex that have a very different culture from one another. The IAG groups are one place where this cultural difference is explored and addressed during operational activity and in policy setting. It is vital that the new Police & Crime Commissioner gains the confidence of all Sussex residents including those from different geographies and communities of interest, and not rely on party political committees. The people who have agreed to endorse my candidacy reflect a wide range of communities and cultures.

Sussex Police works hard at collaboration

Collaboration – Sussex Police already has a good reputation for working collaboratively. I have been a member of a variety of Local Strategic Partnerships in East Sussex, West Sussex and Brighton & Hove. I respect the strength of the work by Sussex Police but also see many opportunities that could be further developed. Examples such as Street Pastors and Sussex Pathways (a charity that mentors ex offenders) are indicative of the sort of good results that can be achieved. I am also aware of the work being carried out by Sussex Police in collaborating with other Police Forces. I have experience of working in this wider context from my time with the Regional Assembly (across the South East) and also when I chaired the Surrey and Sussex Courts Board.