Themes and Key Issues

By the end of September a detailed manifesto will be needed to allow you to know what I intend to do once elected. What differentiates my candidacy from that of the others who are also standing in this contest. I do not begin with a preformed set of policies which have been handed down to me by a political party, however I hope you will agree that this is an asset. What I do need to do is to listen and learn from people like you and ensure that your ideas and thoughts are able to influence my approach. Inevitably my approach and the extent to which I will include such ideas will reflect my own values and principles. For example I have a strong commitment to preventative working, believing that this is a much more sustainable way of reducing crime, than focusing exclusively on crime detection. However understanding all views including those that are at odds with my own thinking is vital if I am to make a good Police and Crime Commissioner.

At present I have set my ideas into three Themes and what I believe are a series of Key Issues. Click on the links to find out more or get in touch with me to enable me to benefit from your wisdom and experience.