Who is backing my campaign?

All of these endorsements are sought and received on a personal basis, no organisational endorsement should be assumed.

You Tube endorsements:

Written endorsements:

Nick Wilkinson, retired Assistant Chief Constable, Sussex Police

I have known Ian for over 7 years. He is a totally dedicated individual with exceptional partnership building skills. He has an expansive knowledge of Sussex Police and the wider criminal justice system, along with a detailed and caring understanding of Sussex communities. I rate Ian as an exceptional candidate for Sussex PCC.

Nick Wilkinson 

Sofia Barbas, Victim  of Crime

I am a resident of Brighton & Hove. In 2002 I was a victim of a very violent unprovoked street crime which happened in the early evening in a residential area of Hove; I was struck on the head during a violent mugging which left me unconscious, with a fractured skull and other serious injuries, and I was hospitalised for a total of four weeks. That incident has had major implications for my physical and mental health, as well as negatively impacting on my working and social life. Whilst still in hospital I was made aware of Victim Support, an organisation that have been a great help to me ever since. I was introduced to Ian Chisnall through Victim Support, and Ian took the time to listen to my story as part of his efforts to learn more about the impact of crime on victims. I am confident that Ian has the experience, skills and professionalism required for the role of PCC, I am therefore happy to endorse his candidacy for this position.

Sofia Barbas

Kathy Gore, previously High Sheriff of East Sussex

I wholeheartedly endorse the candidacy of Ian Chisnall to represent the people of Sussex as Police & Crime Commissioner.   Ian is a sound, wise and empathetic person who already works closely with charitable and community organisations dealing with issues at the heart of social welfare and justice.  He is a good listener and keeps himself well primed about public concerns.  I believe he has the necessary energy, enthusiasm and skills to work well with Sussex Police in delivering a service that will protect vulnerable residents and keep our communities safe. I do believe strongly that the new rôle of Police Commissioner should not be a political one.  Ian is also an independent (and the only non-political) candidate.

I do not personally agree about the need to switch from the current system to the appointment of Police Commissioners.  The existing Sussex Police Authority consists of a diverse, well-informed group of individuals who do an excellent job representing the whole community in diligently monitoring police performance and budget. This is working well, so why change it? 

Since this change is mandated however I give my unreserved support to Ian Chisnall as a superb candidate for the position of Police & Crime Commissioner for Sussex.

Kathy Gore

Rt Revd Kieran Conry, Bishop of Arundel and Brighton

I would be happy to support Ian Chisnall’s application for this post. I think that Ian knows the county very well through his work with churches all over Sussex, and it is clear that he has the interests of the community very much at heart. His successful bid would ensure that policing remains very much as senior police officers have indicated they would wish it to remain, as a servant of the people and within the community, rather than something coming into the community from outside.

Kieran Conry

William King – past Member Wealden Local Strategic Partnership.

Ian is an ideal candidate; we should all vote for him as the PCC. He is independent of party politics, and so will be thinking of us all and thinking of the long-term as well as the present. He is very aware of the needs of the wide range of people he will serve – his experience as a servant of many groups of people in Sussex is very impressive. He has proved to be a fine Chairman and thinker and speaker, especially by being a good listener. He is sensible and grounded and can get things done. He has worked at a high level in local government related activity and at street level; so we know that he will carry out the role with experience and competence. He will deal well with all the people, interests and issues that will compete for his attention.

William King

Daryl Martin, Principal Independent Examiners Ltd

This is a significant post, the Police Commissioner will appoint and assess the Chief Constable, and  be responsible for preparing budgets and policing plans. We must do what we can to elect trusted and tried people. My vote’s going to Ian Chisnall. I’ve known him for 30 years and believe he’ll do a good job.

Daryl Martin

David Harland Senior Pastor City Coast Church, Portslade

‘I have known Ian for a number of years and have found him throughout that time to be a man of honour and integrity and with a tremendous heart to see truth and justice prevail in all situations. He is a passionate man who I believe will bring a refreshing perspective and approach to this crucial role’

David Harland

Sue John, Brighton

Whilst not at all happy about theconcept of elected police commissioners, I’m delighted that you are putting yourself forward as a candidate. You have a great deal of relevant experience and excellent judgement, along with a compelling sense of public service.

Sue John

Gavin Ashenden, Sussex University

I have known Ian Chisnall well for over 20 years and have always been impressed by his engagement with the local community in different contexts and with different agencies over many years. Ian knows this area well. His commitment to the community is unusual and highly impressive. His grasp of the issues that lie behind the colourful and complex society we share is sharp and acute. He is someone who brings social compassion, a wise grasp of the complex issues and broad base of support and trust across the area. He is someone I would trust to get things done, and to get them done well, without being constrained by political agencies or vested interests. I hope very much that Ian gets your vote as he gets mine as Prospective Police & Crime Commissioner for Sussex.

The Rev’d Canon Dr Gavin Ashenden, University Chaplain, Senior Lecturer in the Department of English, University of Sussex (Chaplain to Her Majesty the Queen)

Chris Whitwell, Friends Families and Travellers

FFT would welcome your election to the post as somebody with a deep understanding and awareness of equality and social justice issues, and an established track record of tackling inequality and injustice. Gypsies and Travellers, the groups for whom we work, are among the most marginalised, discriminated against  and excluded of all minority groups in the UK today and we would wish all people working in the Criminal Justice system to have good awareness of the underlying drivers of inequality within our society, and the determination to tackle those inequalities.

Chris Whitwell, Director of Friends Families and Travellers

Martyn Relf, Eastbourne East Sussex

I wholeheartedly commend Ian Chisnall as the first elected Police Commissioner for Sussex. He would bring intelligence, experience and compassion to the role. His ease of working across many sectors in the public and voluntary realm would win wide confidence. His robust independence would mean he is not in anyone’s pocket. He is admirably suited to steer a clear course with all the competing demands that the job would entail.

Martyn serves as Chair of Churches Together for Eastbourne and is one of the Voluntary and Community representatives on Eastbourne Strategic Partnership

Michael Chater, West Itchenor West Sussex

I have known Ian Chisnall over many years and have no hesitation in recommending him to carry out a position of responsibility in public service. His work in ‘Churches Together in Sussex’ has embodied his wide community concern and this was no more apparent than in the work he conducted during the decade of existence of the South East England Regional Assembly. He not only contributed to support the voluntary bodies but, as a strong and articulate voice on The Executive was recognized for his community advocacy and reflective cooperation with both the Voluntary Bodies and the Principal Authority Members within the Assembly. This was ultimately recognized by his election as a Deputy Chairman with wider responsibility as a voice in regional government matters covered by SEERA. His working relationship with colleagues and his political awareness was underpinned by his professional approach and integrity.

Ian is hard working , attentive to the issues raised by colleagues and whilst he is his own man he takes regard to public opinion. On the basis of my knowledge of his character, I am happy to endorse his candidacy.

Cllr Michael Chater OBE, FRSA is chairman of West Itchenor Parish Council


17 thoughts on “Who is backing my campaign?

  1. Chris Seaton, Bognor Regis, West Sussex

    “I have known Ian for a number of years and have long admired his skills and patience in working as a force for change and for good both within the voluntary and faith sectors and within the public sector. I think his background, experience and temperament equip him well to take on this new and demanding role. I fully endorse his candidacy for the post of Police Commissioner for Sussex”

    Chris is Director of Peaceworks, a mediation and training enterprise based in Bognor Regis Town Hall

  2. I have known Ian for about 25 years and he has been our Street Pastor co-ordinator from the start. Many years ago when I was working for Alternatives Pregnancy Counselling Centre at City Gate, I remember Ian as hardworking to link up the local churches helping them to recognise each other’s skills and resources. As a Street Pastor, more recently, he has been a tremendous force to be reckoned with in setting up the scheme in Brighton. His calm and organized manner and warmth towards all involved has been a blessing all Street Pastors. He is able to work well together with various strands of community, whether it is the police, council members, YMCA, taxi marshalls, security staff, people on the street or church leaders – Ian is able to draw on what people have in common not that what divides them! He has my full support in anticipation of the difference he will make in the future as our Police Crime Commissioner.

    Sophia Murphy, Street Pastor Brighton

  3. Ian Chisnall is a man of integrity, vision, and commitment and will make an excellent independent Police Commissioner — and, what’s more, he will be genuinely independent, rather than being in hock to one of the political parties. For this new role to work properly, it seems to me to be really important that people of Ian’s calibre are brought in, and I am convinced that he would do the job highly effectively and with grace, strength and charm.
    Revd. Peter Irwin-Clark, Rector of Broadwater, Worthing

  4. I have known Ian professionally for many years for his work in the Voluntary Sector. He is a skilled, experienced and knowlegable man. I support Ian’s campaign because I think given the nature of this role its vital to have someone who understands the world from a community as well as strategic perspective. Policing requires partnership, understanding and broad support and Ian understands how to achieve this consensus and achieve the type of Police force we all need

  5. I have known Ian about 10 years now and we have collaborated on a variety of initiatives and projects to help with community cohesion within Brighton & Hove and across Sussex. His broad knowledge of the dynamics of organisations in the public, private and state sectors and his passion for justice and fair play should make him the right candidate for this critical role supporting the police and the community.

  6. I am delighted to be able to support Ian as an independent candidate who has gained a track record of service to Sussex over many years. I have interacted with Ian in several fora and always found him dedicated, considerate and extremely competent.

    Having been an independent councillor on Wealden District Council for 20 years until 2011 and chairman from 2007 to 2009, I feel I have the authority to endorse the significance and importance of independence from political parties!

  7. I have come to know Ian through his decision to stand for the post of Police Commissioner. I have formed the impression that he is certainly a proficient person with a proven capability to interact with the public in general and fulfil such a diverse role. If successful in his quest to serve the public as a Police Commissioner I am sure he will perform exceptionally well in carrying out those duties.

  8. I have known Ian for many years and I know that, if elected, he will bring energy, enthusiasm and commitment to the role of Police & Crime Commissioner for Sussex. Society badly needs people of Ian’s calibre in positions of responsibility and he can count on my vote, as I hope he can count on yours.

    The Revd Canon David Frost, Team Rector and Rural Dean of Rye

  9. I have known Ian for many years and I would fully support, endorse and recommend Ian for the role of Independent Police Commissioner. Ian has a solid track record of supporting the voluntary and community sectors and it is important to have someone with the knowledge and skills to help reduce social injustice and inequality that still exists in society, Ian would be a very good ‘person’ and candidate for the role.

    Andy Seares – Fundraising Consultant

  10. It is unusual for me to campaign for anyone as in the end politicians have a tendency to let people down due to their own agendas or having to toe the party line. Ian’s party line is to continue to do what he has always done and that is serve the community. Knowing Ian for a number of years both as a past fellow board member of Sussex Courts’ Board and interacting in other forums he is the only person I would vote for. I too have never heard a bad word said about Ian.

    Jerry Noble – Magistrate

  11. Sadly I’ve lost faith in all politicians being able to live by the same code as those they rule. I’ve waited with baited breath for the allotted names to be released for those running for this position and I’m overjoyed that a non party affiliated candidate is among them. As has been previously mentioned, it’s been a long time since any candidate can stand up for a position such as this with not only a clean history but one with a huge amount of success supporting our communities across Sussex. Ian, you get my vote. Please make it count.

  12. From my experience as a senior manager with South Australia Police and more recently as a an academic researching police management issues (through which I came to know Ian), I would certainly endorse Ian for the role of PCC for Sussex. The role of PCC is one that should be focused on being an effective conduit between community and police – independence from political party influence is imperative, as is the priority of serving the community in a way which helps rather than hinders police.

  13. I have known Ian as a neighbour for many years. He is popular and respected locally.
    He has a talent for listening to other people’s views whether he agrees or not and seeing both sides of an arguement.His calm thoughtful manner would be of enormous benefit in a role which will require the balancing of different needs for access to a vital community resource – I would be glad to have him chair any committee or project team I was involved with.
    He has my vote.

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