My experience

In order to transform crime prevention and policing  services in Sussex, the Police & Crime Commissioner needs a great deal of  knowledge and experience. Follow the links below to see what I  bring to this role, or click to see what other people have said about why they think I am the best person for the post. If you want to know how I have earned my living and the organisations I have been involved in check out my LinkedIn profile.

Since 2001 I have helped to develop partnerships in East & West Sussex between agencies in the voluntary, private & public sectors including Sussex Police. I have helped to remove barriers which prevent residents and businesses from managing community safety activities in their locality and have a track record of involving, motivating and inspiring people to participate in crime prevention projects. I understand the need to support voluntary & c0mmunity sector organisations in their work, gained through fifteen years hands on experience.

The operational aspects of policing will remain firmly in the hands of the professional Chief Constable and his senior officers but understanding the work of Sussex Police & the Criminal Justice System is essential. This new role extends far beyond the role of the current Police Authority which it replaces, will require an understanding of how to motivate people to assist in reducing crime. The Police & Crime Commissioner will also need to work in collaboration with a range of agencies including all 15 primary Local Authorities and the 250 Town and Parish Councils across Sussex. The PCC will also need a thorough understanding of the Governance of large, complex organisations. My experience in all of these areas equips me for the role of Police and Crime Commissioner who is intended to offer a direct link between all those who work and live in Sussex and the 1000’s of people involved in crime reduction on a paid or voluntary basis every day of the year.