How you can help

If you want to help my campaign please consider the following suggestions or get in touch with ideas of your own.

  • Offer to distribute Fliers, Posters, Car Stickers or Badges
  • Use twitter, facebook and email to encourage your friends to vote on 15th November. You could add my campaign twibbon to your photograph. Click here for more information.
  • Help out with finances – I would be delighted to receive any donations to help me run my campaign, if you want to help financially I would be happy to speak to you.

I have received encouragement from individuals and organisations across Sussex in rural and urban settings, in East Sussex, West Sussex and of course in Brighton and Hove where I have been a resident since 1978. From Bishops to Farmers, business owners to academics, Town and Parish Councillors, Magistrates, current Police Authority members, serving Police officers and Chief Executives in the Voluntary, Private and Public sectors. I have also received support from active members of all of the Political Parties running Councils In Sussex.


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