How to vote

All registered electors in Sussex will be able to vote at their local polling station on November 15th unless they have already registered for a postal vote. It is vital that as many people as possible in Sussex take part in this process, so that the person elected has a substantial mandate. Many commentators believe that November was an unsuitable month to hold such an important election due to poor weather and short days which could easily deter voters. I would urge all who read this website to prove these voices wrong and elect me with a large majority. Alternatively watch the last 45 seconds of this youtube piece

For a written explanation of the electoral system being used known as the Supplementary Vote. It is vital that you mark Ian Chisnall as your first choice and if you have a party political allegiance that would usually apply in a local election such as for your council or MP that you reflect this preference in your second choice. This way we can ensure that the Police Commissioner is kept free from party politics and your preferred party can measure your support in the data recorded as part of the electoral analysis.