Paul Bonett – Business Leader

I have known Ian about 10 years now and we have collaborated on a variety of initiatives and projects to help with community cohesion within Brighton & Hove and across Sussex. His broad knowledge of the dynamics of organisations in the public, private and state sectors and his passion for justice and fair play should make him the right candidate for this critical role supporting the police and the community.

Paul Bonett



Michael Chater, West Itchenor West Sussex

I have known Ian Chisnall over many years and have no hesitation in recommending him to carry out a position of responsibility in public service. His work in ‘Churches Together in Sussex’ has embodied his wide community concern and this was no more apparent than in the work he conducted during the decade of existence of the South East England Regional Assembly. He not only contributed to support the voluntary bodies but, as a strong and articulate voice on The Executive was recognized for his community advocacy and reflective cooperation with both the Voluntary Bodies and the Principal Authority Members within the Assembly. This was ultimately recognized by his election as a Deputy Chairman with wider responsibility as a voice in regional government matters covered by SEERA. His working relationship with colleagues and his political awareness was underpinned by his professional approach and integrity.

Ian is hard working , attentive to the issues raised by colleagues and whilst he is his own man he takes regard to public opinion. On the basis of my knowledge of his character, I am happy to endorse his candidacy.

Cllr Michael Chater OBE, FRSA is chairman of West Itchenor Parish Council

Graham Cole – PC Tony Stamp in the Bill

Graham Cole is very supportive of my campaign. He was one of those approached by Party Politicians in the early days of the PCC concept when the idea of Indpendent candidates was still being taken seriously by our leading politicians. He did not feel he could give the time to the role due to his work as an actor.

Kathy Gore – previously High Sheriff of East Sussex

I wholeheartedly endorse the candidacy of Ian Chisnall to represent the people of Sussex as Police & Crime Commissioner. Ian is a sound, wise and empathetic person who already works closely with charitable and community organisations dealing with issues at the heart of social welfare and justice. He is a good listener and keeps himself well primed about public concerns. I believe he has the necessary energy, enthusiasm and skills to work well with Sussex Police in delivering a service that will protect vulnerable residents and keep our communities safe. I do believe strongly that the new rôle of Police Commissioner should not be a political one. Ian is also an independent (and the only non-political) candidate.

I do not personally agree about the need to switch from the current system to the appointment of Police Commissioners. The existing Sussex Police Authority consists of a diverse, well-informed group of individuals who do an excellent job representing the whole community in diligently monitoring police performance and budget. This is working well, so why change it?

Since this change is mandated however I give my unreserved support to Ian Chisnall as a superb candidate for the position of Police & Crime Commissioner for Sussex.

Kathy Gore