Thank you for your support

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I am sorry to report that despite my best efforts I failed to get past third place in the election results which were counted on Friday 16th November 2012. I have written a little bit more about that below. Since the election I have been considering my next steps and will continue to do so. However one of the outcomes of the election was a chance to meet Dawn Laker who kindly interviewed me on 3rd December. The first part of the interview is reproduced here.

However I was able to thank all of my voters present and also to remind the members of the Political Parties present that there were three groups of people who had not been involved in most of the discussions during the campaign, despite being the most affected by this change. These three groups are:

Police officers and staff; Victims of Crime; Young People.  

I hope that Katy will take these groups into account in her early days in office.

The detailed election results are available from the Brighton & Hove City Council website However if  you do not want to go through the full details the final result of the first round was:

Katy Bourne (Conservative) 59,635

Godfrey Daniel (Labour) 40,765

Ian Chisnall (Independent) 38,930

Tony Armstrong (UKIP) 29, 327

David Rogers (Lib Dem) 20,579

After the second count the final order was unchanged and Katy Bourne is now our Police and Crime Commissioner. My congratulations to her and Godfrey for their success.

I am so thrilled and grateful for the support I received from people all across Sussex, whether in voting for me, helping to promote the campaign to others or taking a risk with me in helping to fund the deposit. Whilst my ambitions to be your Police and Crime Commissioner have ended, the need for a Police and Crime Commissioner who focuses on Victims of Crime and supports the good work of Sussex Police is not diminished. It is vital that we hold our new PCC to account and help her to reduce crime in this wonderful area.