Sofia – A victim of crime

I am a resident of Brighton & Hove. In 2002 I was a victim of a very violent unprovoked street crime which happened in the early evening in a residential area of Hove; I was struck on the head during a violent mugging which left me unconscious, with a fractured skull and other serious injuries, and I was hospitalised for a total of four weeks. That incident has had major implications for my physical and mental health, as well as negatively impacting on my working and social life. Whilst still in hospital I was made aware of Victim Support, an organisation that have been a great help to me ever since. I was introduced to Ian Chisnall through Victim Support, and Ian took the time to listen to my story as part of his efforts to learn more about the impact of crime on victims. I am confident that Ian has the experience, skills and professionalism required for the role of PCC, I am therefore happy to endorse his candidacy for this position.

Sofia Barbas