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Final LogoOn 15th November 2012 I stood as the Independent candidate for the post of Sussex Police and Crime Commissioner. I was thrilled that nearly 39,000 people trusted me with their vote. This section of the website provides more details of the campaign including the manifesto and other priorities I set. The latest news is my financial return: My campaign cost £374.44 of which £175 was donated to the campaign (£100 was declared formally, the other £75 was donated in values that fell below the £50 threshold). This means that each vote represents 0.9p each. Let us see how much was spent by the other four candidates!

spcc_logo21The new Police and Crime Commissioner has begun her work. However the whole point of this election was to make Police Governance and Crime Prevention more accountable to you and I. How is Katy doing?

untitledA number of organisations exist to help reduce crime in neighbourhoods across Sussex as well as support people who are victims of the crimes that do take place. Many of these organisations rely on volunteers wholly or partly to achieve their objectives. Volunteering offers a number of benefits to those who take part.